Starting out

I decided to jump on the blog band wagon and it took me a while to try to form a coherent idea of what to write about. This blog will be a bit of a chronicle of my adventures into the world of Massage Therapy as I just graduated from The Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy. Learning Massage opened my world up to some great ideas about alternative and holistic therapies. I have started going to holistic and natural living health fairs, and  doing some research on organic and green living.

I am a bit of a hybrid, I have gone backpacking in the woods, but I have done it with a mani and pedi.

I have started eating more organic,but I still love me some Wendys.

I want to have more time to recycle, volunteer, takes classes, cloth diaper, make my own baby  food and treat the Earth better.

I want more time to take a nap.

So I do what I can with the resources and time I have to experiences things little by little, I will never be an full earth momma, but I can be her wise cracking side kick.

I also wanted to have an area for reviews of spas, massage offices, workshops, recipes and most of all beauty products. I am known in my circle of friends as a bit of a product whore. If it smells good, feels great and helps me have  a less stressful day, I have either bought it, made it or at least tried it. I am not looking for a miracle product, I know that no matter how much I rub, scrub, wash or slather, I am not going to wake up looking like Angelia Jolie. However after having a baby and dealing with the postpartum…well…everything, I like to look for things that tickle me, and puts a little pep in my step.

I am still figuring out the lay out and blogging universe. I still have my National Exam to take, not to mention a 3 month old, so I will try to update as soon as I get a chance.

A little more about me, I working out this whole mom deal, with is pretty amazing but VERY new territory. I have a fantastic nerd husband who is wonderful at holding my hand during this crazy ride. A beautiful baby girl who we nick name “Bean”, and a very strange and spirited cat named Murple who showed up on our door step one day and suckered her way into our hearts.

I will be starting out my next real blog talking about one of my favorite places.. The Shower, and some of the things I have that make a touch stone of sanity for me…

A quick note, I am horrible at spelling and grammer you think having a degree in English would make me better at it..it doesn’t

Also no haters if you don’t want to read this, then don’t ..but negative comments will be ignored and deleted..

until next time..

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